Why this essay is not a dance


Often one does not even realize that texts, sentences and words always present themselves in a certain context – a context of everyday routines and actions. Since everything is perceived through the associations (or “différance”, as coined by J. Derrida) we have encoded in our brains in different ways – our own understanding of things will change depending on the situation.

Of course it is no different with regards to art. Culture is essentially our only available looking glass, through which we can understand the nuances of the art-work’s setting.

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Turf is finally online

The interactive version is now operational!

Click here to Watch Turf, the interactive version

About the project

A collaborative piece by Barnaby Dixon and Bazyli Brzóska. The project explores the nature of borders with an unlikely coupling of stop-motion and interactivity. Both Dixon and Brzóska are final year students at University of Wales, Newport. Dixon from the BA Animation course, and Brzóska from BA Creative Sound and Music. Turf pays an aesthetic homage to platform games of the 90’s whiles metaphorically tackling real world issues, such as political geography and residual animalistic traits in humans.

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Turf – Riverfront exhibition

On the 9th of May 2012, we were given the opportunity to display Turf at an interactive media exhibition held at The Riverfront Arts Centre in Newport. We obtained a projector and a touch-screen, so that the viewer could move around the map with a simple touch.

Spectators viewing and interacting with the touch-screen.

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Editing Turf

The editing process was finalized by pasting all the individual animated spaces onto one large (4K) sequence in Adobe Premiere, in order to be synced with each other and with the music.

Black light Backdrop and Set

I have considered a lot of options, including digital projection and computer effects, of how to create the effect of the glowing shapes and lines which the models create and manipulate. The usage of ultraviolet light is the option I settled on.

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